CF Field Recorder

Main Features

  • Recording on Type II CompactFlash™ card
  • Light weight, yet tough with a highly rigid chassis
  • FAT32 file system & BWF Stereo file format
  • MP3 recording/playback
  • Up to 24 bit 96kHz audio performance

FR-2LE CF Field Recorder

With a location recording pedigree which includes the original portable timecode DAT machines (PD-2, PD-4), and more recently the innovative PD-6 DVD-RAM recorder, it was only natural that Fostex should develop the FR-2, the acclaimed professional CompactFlash-based field recorder.

And now, it seems, Fostex have done it again with the launch of the new FR-2LE - a compact audio recorder designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of professionals in the field. For a start, the FR-2LE records to CompactFlash in Broadcast WAV Format (BWF) at 24bit 96kHz quality. It’s equipped with two professional phantom powered XLR microphone inputs (XLR-phone combo) complete with precise control over the recording level.

It features a 1 take = 1 file recording system which eliminates overwrites and the 2 second ‘pre-record’ buffer means there should never be a missed take or lost soundbite. There’s even an MP3 mode and built-in stereo microphones designed for interviews.

Feature rich and elegant in operation, the pedigree of the new FR-2LE looks assured.


Long battery life
The FR-2LE can run up to 8 hours on standard off-the-shelf NiMH batteries

Extended recording times
Over 12 hours @ 16bit 44.1kHz recording on an 8GB CompactFlash card

Professional inputs

Dual XLR inputs (XLR-phone combo) with top quality microphone pre-amps, trim control and phantom power. Analog out is offered on RCA connectors

BWF or MP3 recording
Record up to 24bit 96kHz audio

Tough construction
Manufactured from high-grade materials and specifically designed for professional location recording

Fail Safe Recording
In addition to a 1 take = 1 file system to eliminate overwrites, the FR-2LE also features Auto File Closing which closes files at one minute intervals, thus preserving the data in the event of a power failure.

USB 2.0
The USB 2.0 port allows direct connection to PC and MAC for easy file transfer.

In Detail

  • Recording on Type II CompactFlash™ card For operation confirmed media, click here
  • Light weight, yet tough with a highly rigid chassis
  • FAT32 file system & BWF Stereo file format
  • MP3 recording/playback
  • Up to 24 bit 96kHz audio performance
  • 2 x professional phantom powered XLR mic inputs with precise recording level adjustment control
  • ALC (Off/On/Limiter) and HPF
    (On/Off, 100Hz -12dB/Oct)
  • Built-in stereo microphones for quick memo recording
  • USB 2.0 for high speed file transfer to PC
  • 2 second Pre Rec buffer
  • 1 take = 1 file system (eliminates overwrites)
  • Approx. 8 hours battery operation
  • Wired remote controller with mic attachment belt

The latest FR-2LE software update and installation proceedures are available for download here



Recording Medium Compact Flash Card
Recording Time see “Recording Time Chart” below
File Format BWF (Broadcast Wave Format), MP3 (MPEG Layer-3)
Sampling Frequency 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 /96 kHz
Quantization 16-bit linear (44.1 / 48 kHz)
24-bit linear (44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96)
MP3 192bps (stereo)
No. of Recording Track 2 tracks (stereo)
No. of Simultaneous Rec. 2 tracks (stereo)
Recording/Reproduction Frequency 20 Hz - 20 kHz ±2dB (FS 44.1/48kHz)
20 Hz - 40 kHz ±3dB (FS 88.2/96kHz)
S/N (ADC-DAC, 24bit, 48kHz)
Line (Input Gain: +4dBu) 95dB (typical)
Mic (Input Gain: -60dBu) 85dB (typical)
Dynamic Range 95dB (typical) (ADC-DAC, 24bit, 48kHz)
T.H.D. (ADC-DAC, 24it, 48kHz)
Line less than 0.008% (at 1kHz – 1dB, typical)
Mic (trim max) less than 0.01% (at 1kHz – 1dB, typical)
Channel Separation more than 90dB (at 1kHz 0dB) (24bit, -20BFS, 48kHz)
Reference Level -12dBFS
Locate Memory 99 Cue points per file
Battery Operation Time approx. 8 hours (Tamiya RC3600HV, Ni-MH battery)
approx. 4 hours (4 x AA Alkaline / Ni-MH battery)


Analog In (L/R)
Connector XLR-Phone Combo Type
Line In
Connector 6mm dia TS Phone Jack (unbalanced)
Input Impedance more than 10k ohm
Reference Input Level -10dBV
Maximum Input Level +2dBV
Mic In
Connector XLR-3-31 Type (balanced, 2-pin hot)
Input Impedance more than 6k ohm
Reference Input Level -50dBu to -10dBu
Maximum Input Level +2dBu
Phantom P48
Monitor Out <L, R>
Connector RCA Pin Jack (unbalanced)
Load Impedance more than 10k ohm
Reference Output Level -10dBV
Connector Stereo Mini Phone Jack
Load Impedance more than 32 ohm
Maximum Output Level 15 + 15mW (32 ohm)
USB 2.0 (for PC)
Connector Series “B” Receptacle
Built-in Speaker
Maximum Output 300mW


Included CF card (128MB), AC Adaptor
shoulder strap, remote control and carry pouch
Dimensions 57(H) x 206(W) x 132(D) mm
Weight Approx. Approx. 0.8kgs (w/o battery)

Document Downloads

The following documents are available to download in Adobe Acrobat format.


    Owners Manual

    Operation Confirmed Media List

For more document downloads, check the manuals section in Technical Support

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FR-2LE : CF Field Recorder