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Main Features

  • 24-bit Dual multi effect processors
  • Fostex ASP + technology
  • Ultra-realistic Mic & awesome AMP Simulations
  • Easily programmable via rotary controls
  • Ultra-realistic Mic Simulations
  • Awesome Amp Simulations
  • Guitar / Mic input with trim

DE-10 24-bit Digital Effects

Trust Fostex. In the new DE-10 24-bit Dual Digital Multi Effects Processor, project studios, musicians, vocalists and guitarists have easy access to the highest quality effects at an incredibly affordable price.

Featuring an evolution of Fostex’s acclaimed A.S.P.+ (Advanced Signal Processing) technology, the DE-10 is a true stereo dual-channel processor with 24-bit internal processing, 20-bit A/D, 24-bit D/A and packed full of classic reverb, ambiance, amp simulation, mic simulation, plate, chorus, panning, delay, flanging and pitch shifting effects. And when we say fully independent, we mean it, as the DE-10 can be used in one of two modes:
Dual mode - two mono source inputs can be processed and each output in stereo.
Single mode - a stereo source input can be processed and output in stereo.

At this price level, you would expect reverb, chorus, delay etc. but, predictably, Fostex give you more.
More in the shape of awesome guitar and bass amp simulators with popular patches for everything from a small ‘twin’ to a huge stack. Plus more in the form of ultra-realistic mic simulators.
No need to have different mics for different musical and recording styles, just select the type of simulation you want and start your performance. The front panel controls (separate for each processor) make for instant manipulation of each effect’s critical parameters, there’s a mic/guitar input with trim control and a handy bypass switch which can also be controlled via a footswitch.

In combining the excellent ambience effect technology first seen in the original A.S.P. with acoustic theories and experience accumulated while developing speaker transducers, Fostex have developed a unique simulation algorithm engine which delivers ultra-realistic microphone/amplifier simulation.

To simulate a microphone, the frequency response of the microphone, (the most essential factor that decides the sound character), must be reproduced correctly. To do this, A.S.P.+ carries out a double accuracy operation for each frequency range using the unique "D.A.O" (Double Accuracy Operation).

With a guitar amp, it’s the peak and dip of specific frequencies, as well as feedback of the peak frequency’s harmonics, which are the most essential factors which define an amps sound characteristics. To simulate these characteristics, A.S.P.+ carries out a double accuracy operation for each frequency range using the D.A.O."(Double Accuracy Operation) to simulate the frequency curve and introduces harmonics feedback processing using a H.F.A. (Harmonic Feedback Algorithm).

Choice of operation modes, masses of choice, stunning quality, rack mounting with a built-in power supply and a snap to use. The new Fostex DE-10 simply provides superior effects, easier control and better value than similar-priced processors in the class.

In Detail

  • Fully independent dual multi effect processors
  • Internal 24-bit data processing
  • Ultra-realistic Mic Simulations: 11 patches of popular microphone types
  • Awesome Amp Simulations: Simulation of popular guitar and bass amps
  • Effect patches suitable for recording drums and vocals
  • Dual (1 in 2 out x 2) or Single (2 in 2 out x 1) mode operation
  • Guitar / Mic input with trim
  • Each effect easily edited via front panel rotary controls
  • Bypass On/Off via footswitch or front panel control
  • 20-bit A/D, 24-bit D/A

DE-10 : 24-bit Digital Effects