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Main Features

  • High quality microphone preamp featuring a powerful microphone gain limiter
  • Compact dimensions and Highly portable
  • Mic Input with steppable gain trim (9 steps; 5dB between -3dBu and -70dBu)
  • High quality limiter (maximum -55dB) with ultra low distortion
  • HPF switchable between 80Hz and 160Hz
  • Flexible output (0 to -7dB) at +4/-10/-60dBu with PEAK overload LED indication
  • Headphone monitor output ( stereo mini jack)
  • P48V & T12V powered  •  Belt Clip  •  Battery or DC Power

FM-1 Portable Mic Preamplifier

FM-1 is a portable microphone preamp for ENG offering high quality microphone preamp and powerful microphone gain limiter. The design concept is light weight, compactness, rigidity and simplicity.

In Detail


FM-1 : Portable Mic Preamplifier