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Main Features

  • All-in-One 16:4:2 Digital Mixing and 16-Track Multitrack Recording
  • Recorder I/O and Mixer components can be flexibly separated up to 50m apart
  • Single CAT-5 cable - no heavy and expensive multicore snake required

LR16 Live Recording Mixer

The new Fostex LR16 is clever all-in-one solution integrating a flexible, feature-rich live digital mixer with a full-specification 16-track multitrack Hard Disc recorder.

A totally new concept, this easy-to-use audio tool can serve as a FOH or on-stage mixer and is ideal for schools, houses of worship, clubs, coffee houses, project studios, mobile recording and rental sound/recording, etc. - In fact any application where flexibility of use is important.

The 16-channel digital mixer features analog-style operation, 3-band EQ and 3 AUX sends and 1 EFF send plus built-in master FX and recorder transport controls. The recorder I/O box meanwhile, houses 16 balanced mic / line inputs, other I/O and a ‘better than CD-quality’ multitrack recorder offering up to 16 hours of uncompressed 16-track multitrack recording/playback at 44.1/48kHz plus simultaneous stereo mix recording.

These two components can be rackmounted, are linked together via a standard single CAT-5 cable, (no bulky multicore here), and can be placed up to 50m apart, allowing for easy portability, easy installation and enormous flexibility in operation.

The new Fostex LR16. A totally new concept in livesound mixing and recording.


Inituitive 'Analog' Style Mixing

Mixing with an LR16 is intuitive and simple as it is a real ‘knobs and buttons’ mixer. Each of the 16 channels features balanced mic and line inputs (XLR / TRS Combo), phantom power, digitally controlled TRIM and analog LIMITER, 3-band EQ with swept mid frequency, no less than 3 AUX sends, digital effects and level. And as all these controls are accessed by physical knobs and faders just like and analog mixer, using an LR16 does not require a steep learning curve.

Easy Mac / PC Integration

Although designed to spend most of its life in a live recording environment, the LR16 also plays nice in the studio. Its integral 80GB Hard Disc is FAT32 formatted which means it can easily be mounted on a PC or Mac via USB. The recorder can create individual track and stereo-mix WAV files and you can use a USB ‘thumb drive’ to backup and transfer data.

No Expensive Bulky Multicore Snake

Connecting the LR16 Mixer and Recorder I/O components is a single ‘off-the-shelf’ CAT-5 cable which can be up to 50m (164 ft) in length. This means it’s great for HOW, clubs, schools and coffee houses where a quick set-up and easy installation are paramount.

Flexible Recording

Never has capturing a live performance been so easy: Set-up, mic-up, mix and hit the ‘REC’ button to instantly start 16-track recording. No convoluted procedures. No drawn-out configuration process - Just easy operation.

Rack Mount Operation

The two LR16 components can be used free-standing or mounted in standard 19-racks with the included rack ear kits. In addition, the mixer and recorder I/O section can also be used as a conventional MTR device as a kit is also included to bolt the two components together making one, integrated mixer / recorder unit.

In Detail

  • Recorder I/O and Mixer components can be flexibly separated up to 50m apart
  • Single CAT-5 cable - no heavy and expensive multicore snake required
  • Intuitive analog-like mixer with 16 input, 4 group bus and master faders
  • Built-in 80GB HD for approx. 16 hours of 16-track uncompressed digital recording at 16bit/44.1kHz or 9 hours at superior digital quality of 24bit/48kHz*
  • Multitrack (‘dry’ sound after TRIM) and Stereo Mix (‘wet’ sound after Stereo Faders) can be recorded simultaneously creating 16 x mono WAV files plus 1 x Stereo WAV file
  • Memory Play allows you to Instant Start Playback via 10 keys.
  • 99 Mark points per Project for quick Locate.
  • FAT 32 formatted HD can be mounted on PC or Mac via USB
  • Save recorded data to USB ‘thumb drive’ for easy transfer to PC or Mac
Live Sound

LR16 : Live Recording Mixer