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Main Features

  • 5-inch High Resolution Nearfield Studio Monitor
  • Dedicated 60W (LF) + 40W (HF) bi-amplifier
  • Hard dome tweeter with magnesium diaphragms to ensure a sound free from harsh metallic characteristics
  • LF driver with HR (Hyper Radial) diaphragm ensuring a smooth, natural sound with excellent mid/low frequency reproduction
  • Time-aligned front baffle design and internal HP Sound reflectors

NX-5A Nearfield Studio Monitors

Listen to a pair of powered Fostex NX Series reference monitors and you’ll discover a superb natural sound with little colouration, deep tight lows and crystal clear highs, precise stereo imaging and an almost complete lack of distortion - even at high sound pressure levels.

Full of the latest in speaker technology and designed from the ground up for critical listening in both professional and project studios, broadcast and editing suites, or any other recording facility where a precise, transparent, professional sound is essential, the NX Series set new standards in sonic accuracy and packaging.

Precision monitoring and audio performance of this standard has never been so affordable.

Created to offer a professional nearfield monitoring solution in tight spaces, the compact NX-5A excels in just about every department. The sound is full of clarity and audio accuracy, the stereo imaging is sharp and consistent and the level of sonic detail is incredible from a monitor so small.

The engineering is superb with an internal wall design which eliminates standing waves, precision aluminium frames minimizing unwanted vibrations and a woofer which features a UDR tangential driver edge to eliminate unwanted resonances. - It all adds up.

In Detail

  • Low Frequency Unit
    5" (130mm) with HR (Hyper Radial) diaphragm which utilises the latest diaphragm ‘Radial Papermaking Technology’ for natural and smooth sound reproduction
  • UDR (Up/Down Roll) Tangential driver edge eliminates the unwanted resonance
  • Wide-range 20mm hard dome tweeter
  • With magnesium diaphragm to eliminate sharp-edges sound characteristics
  • Highly rigid cast aluminum frames for both LF and HF units which minimizes unwanted vibrations and resonances
  • Magnetically shielded drivers allow for safe placement close to a video monitor
  • Time-aligned front baffle enclosure design with the HF driver recessed for a precise and pure sound
  • Bi-amplifier
    Dedicated 60W (LF) + 40W (HF) bi-amplifier eliminates electric interference between the drivers
    Overall output level control
    Dedicated tweeter level control (±3dB) cut/boost
    LO EQ control: +2dB / 0dB / -2dB selectable for tailoring performance to the listening room
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NX-5A : Nearfield Studio Monitors