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Main Features

  • On-board slate microphone
  • On-board 6 channel mixer
  • 10 second (256MB) pre-record
  • Alpha numeric keypad
  • Flexible monitiring

PD-6 DVD Location Recorder

When Fostex embarked on the process to design a successor to the industry standard PD-2 and PD-4 portable timecode DAT machines, we knew we had set ourselves no easy task. Having invented both timecode and portable timecode DAT, Fostex location recorders had become, and still are, the most widely used and respected DAT machines for film & television sound production around the world, helping their users earn respect, gain work and to win many coveted international awards.
That’s why we knew it was important to follow the design and philosophy processes that had made our previous machines the first choice of sound mixing professionals. Namely, to prove the technology in a stationary, stand-alone format and obtain comprehensive & wide-ranging user-feedback prior to taking it out into the field.
Every aspect was looked at and offered up for evaluation; the recording media, the functionality of the mixer, the interfacing connections, the timecode implementation and, of course, the user interface.

The result of this process in which some of the world's top sound mixers took part, is the new Fostex PD-6 Portable Location Recorder, a recorder which offers spectacular 24-bit / 96kHz audio quality and six independent audio tracks.
A recorder offering timecode-locked DVD-RAM recording to an easy to use 8cm removable media which answers all the new challenges for location recording today. The PD-6 also employs an optional 2.5” 40GB HD that allows the user to choose his/her primary and back up drive.
It also features a full-function, feature-rich 6-channel mixer, 'easy access' monitoring and all the connectivity one would expect, and need, from a thoroughly professional unit.
The new PD-6 Portable Location Recorder. Nothing in the field comes close

Location recorders need removable media, it was one of the requests that we heard from the field again and again. Part of the success of the portable timecode DAT format was the fact that at the end of the shoot, the days work’s there in your hand. We knew that normal DVD-RAM drives, are not really built for the rigours of location recording and certainly not suited to being slung over a shoulder.
Therefore we decided upon a brand-new 8cm DVD-RAM drive. A drive specially developed for the rigours of portable use and a drive designed from the ground-up to provide vibration stability, high speed access and most importantly, high reliability.
Already proving itself in motion pictures, tv productions and outside broadcast, the removable 8cm DVD-RAM cartridges provide two 1.46GB sides, offering, for example, 108 minutes per disc of 4 track recording at 48KHz/16-bit.
And the discs fit right into conventional DVD drives.

The six channel mixer accepts either microphone level, with both T-Power (12V) and Phantom power (48V) available, or line level. Phase reverse is provided on the three even channels while each channel features adjustable input gain; a generous defeatable and variable high pass filter and an individual defeatable limiter, with software selectable characteristics and linking, suited to location recording.
The most ingenious part of the mixer however is the routing capability: working in conjunction with each channel’s level control mounted on the face of the PD-6, the ‘Disc Feed’ switch allows the recording section of the machine to derive its audio ‘feed’ PRE the channel level control, meaning levels are set once with the earlier trim pot, leaving the front level controls for bus mixing; POST of the channel level control providing for regular level adjustment on the easily-accessible controls; or from the Stereo Bus, routed by the PAN switch providing not only simple stereo mixing of all six channels, but also by using a combination of the modes, parallel mix (guide) tracks can be made whilst recording of either five tracks (mono guide track) or four tracks (stereo guide track).
We call these "1+5" and "2+4" recording modes. Separate BWF files are created in these conditions. Additional features such as PFL monitoring and peak led indication on each channel complete this very flexible mixer.

In Detail

  • Recording and playback to and from industry standard DVD-RAM media
  • BWF recording file format (interleave 1 file mode) in either 2, 4, 5 & 6 track modes along with simultaneous two file recording modes of 1+5 and 2+4 tracks for guide track audio
  • Fostex Verify/Write feature constantly examines data being recorded to DVD-RAM
  • UDF (Universal Disc Format) on DVD-RAM allows discs to be mounted & read instantly on both PC and Mac platforms
  • On-board timecode generator with +/-1ppm accuracy and built-in backup offers all frame rates including 23.976 and 29.97+ drop and pull-up/down. Generator can be 24H, Rec Run, Free Run or external complete with jam, while output can be repro or generator derived
  • Avid™ compatibility. BWF files recorded on the PD-6 can be imported directly into Avid Film Composer2 along with information about Scene, Take, Reel Number, Event, etc. being transported and read from the file’s Metadata. The Metadata area is user-editable for future expansion
    Circle Take with dedicated key, to mark files/takes for easy identification leading to quick imports referenced in the EDL
  • Up to 100 cue points per file/take
  • Alpha numeric keypad for quick file/take & track naming, EDL manipulation, location, etc.
  • EDL management built-in to create & edit multiple ALE (Avid™ Log Exchange) compatible edit decision lists per DVD-RAM.
  • IEEE1394 (FireWire) interface for fast mirror and restore. When interfaced to a PC, PD-6 DVD-RAM discs can be mounted on desktop
  • USB port for keyboard connection (utilise keyboard shortcuts, easy data entry etc.)
  • Pre Record enables PD-6 to constantly buffer up to 10 secs of audio (no more missed takes)
  • 128 x 64 low power consumption back-lit dot matrix display offers various modes including alternative level meter resolution indication modes
  • Auxiliary bus input/output provides for remote camera working and monitoring (e.g. HD cam) with switchable output between +4dBu, -10dBu and -60dBu to cater for most camera manufacturers requirements. Provided on
  • industry standard 10-pin Hirose connector
  • Two auxiliary 12volt outputs on industry standard Hirose 4-pin connectors provide power for radio mic receivers, etc. to allow for truly self-contained operation on location
  • Optional* 1.8” 40GB Hard Drive (Model 9056) allows for Dual Disk Recording (Mirroring) as well as Auto Backup functions
  • Manual Copy is also available whiere a file or a whole partition (disk) can be copied between a partition and DVD-RAM, or two partitions in the HD at any time
  • Future software developments and updates via DVD-RAM cartridge and downloadable via PC from the dedicated web site:
  • Flexible monitoring through headphones and/or built in speaker & amplifier. All track combinations can be monitored post-disc either individually, in summed mono or stereo modes. MS monitoring as standard. Aux return and stereo bus live monitoring is provided plus individual channel PFL. All accessed through just two rotary and one toggle switch
  • Slate microphone and tone generator on-board
    Digital I/O software selectable between AES/EBU or S/PDIF with auto and manual input sensing, switchable in pairs: 1+2, 3+4 and 5+6
  • NP-1 type battery provides an estimated 2 hours of operation
  • External Word & Video sync inputs (auto selection) and Word Output plus parallel remote connector
  • Optional AATON connector (model ATC-4) complies with ASCII & LTC I/O specifications for external loggers, timecode synchronisers, etc.
  • Automated file/take naming routine speeds set-up time between takes complying to US and Euro standards.
  • Individual track naming rolls through to next file/take until changed by user, if required
  • Comprehensive software selectable UBIT output format combinations including Scene, Take, Event no. etc.
  • Proprietory expansion connector to allow PD-6 to dock with the EX-12, rack-mounting full-size DVD-RAM & power supply unit for extended recording time on location
  • Many express modes of operation via assigning F key Macros, additional screen monitoring displays and user requested U-Bit data and display modes
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PD-6 : DVD Location Recorder