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Main Features

  • PM0.4 Black
    100mm woofer / 16mm tweeter
  • PM0.4 White
    100mm woofer / 16mm tweeter

PM0.4 Nearfield Studio Monitor

The ultra-compact PM0.4 now completes the PM-Series lineup. Diminutive in size, but with a sound that has to be heard to be believed, the PM0.4 is naturally recommended for desk-top use but its superb audio performance in a compact physical size expands its applications to professional console top studio monitoring, audio installation and portable audio monitoring. Features 36 watts of bi-amped power, UFLC 16mm soft dome HF unit, 100mm LF woofer and overall volume control.
Also available in a gloss White finish.

In Detail

  • Exclusively designed 4” Woofer and UFLC 0.65” Soft Dome Tweeter
  • High efficient bi-amp drive with 18W each for LF and HF
  • Independent amplifier in both L and R units.
  • Beautiful glossy black front baffle
  • Magnetically shielded for proximate setting to video monitor
  • Also available in a gloss White finish.
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PM0.4 : Nearfield Studio Monitor