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Main Features

  • 8 recording tracks plus 16 additional tracks -24 in total
  • 8 track recording using analogue inputs
  • Unique Mastering mode
  • Built-in Digital Channel Effects with amp and mic simulation
  • Balanced mic inputs with phantom power and inserts
  • CD Mastering as standard

VF-80 EX 8 Track Digital Multitracker

Great value all-in-one workstation
The VF80 EX continues the Fostex tradition of offering high-value self-contained recording solutions which simply offer musicians everything they need. The VF80 EX is ideal for guitarists and musicians wanting a compact solution capable of capturing ideas and songs with minimal fuss. The superb amp simulators and flexible input stages make for easy sound capture..

Flexible and easy to use
A total 8 track recording studio - complete with digital mixing, digital effects including stunning amp simulators and CD mastering. 8 main tracks plus 16 'Ghost' tracks mean you can record different versions of vocals, drum grooves, guitar parts, etc., and choose which of the 8 tracks you wish to reproduce and mix. There’s a built-in ‘Training Mode’ with ‘auto muting’ of sounds at the centre of the stereo mix and slow down of playback without altering pitch; high-gain input stages with balanced XLR / unbalanced jacks, trim control and switchable +48V phantom power; a great 2-band EQ with 36 presets; and a 99 ‘mix scene’ memory allowing you to store a complete mix for later recall or scene sequence. Mastering to CD is a snap. Bounce tracks 1-6 to a stereo pair with just one button push and add unique Mastering Effects.

In Detail

  • Uncompressed Recording to Hard Drive
    8 + 16 additional ghost tracks
  • Non Linear Audio Editing
    Non-destructive, non linear Copy/Move-Paste / Erase audio editing
  • Digital Mixer
    7 x track faders and 1 x Master fader (stereo buss) - all 60mm
  • Mic/Line Inputs x 2
  • indicatorsWith phantom powered balanced XLRs and unbalanced 6mm jacks. Trim controls, on/off switches and peak LED
  • Built-in Digital Channel Effects
    Fostex A.S.P.+ technology with 44 effect types including amp simulations & distortion
  • Mastering Libraries
    10 preset Mastering Libraries: Flat, Wet Mix, Light Mix, Live Mix, Pop Mix, Dance, Hard, 70’s, Hall and Lo-Fi modes
  • Mastering Mode
    Using tracks 7 & 8 with EQ, compressor and effects
  • Equalization
    2-band EQ on channels 1-6 (shelving type) plus 36 EQ presets
  • CD Mastering
    Master to CD-R/RW
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VF-80 EX : 8 Track Digital Multitracker