High performance HiFi Speaker

Main Features

  • Ridge-dome shaped 1” pure magnesium diaphragm tweeter
  • World-first 5.2” HR shaped pure magnesium diaphragm mid range unit
  • Glossy piano finish CE plywood enclosure
  • Unique MID controller to adjust the tone
  • Independent network circuitry for each driver
  • Gold plated machined copper terminal

GX250MG High performance HiFi Speaker

The Fostex GX-series features a pure magnesium diaphragm tweeter and HR-shaped, pure magnesium diaphragm woofer to deliver pure audio reproduction for a supreme listening experience.

The floor standing GX250MG is the top model from the GX-series, featuring a 3-way system with 10” HR woofer, a world-first 5.2” pure magnesium HR mid and 1” pure magnesium tweeter for incredible sound reproduction.

In Detail

  • Large scale 1” 99.9% pure magnesium ridge-dome shaped tweeter ideally disperses amp vibration. Powered by 3.6” ferrite magnet with 3.2” boost magnet
  • World-first 5.2” HR shaped 99.9% pure magnesium mid range unit offering high speed sound without metal tone.
  • The HR shaped diaphragm used for the woofer unit disperses unwanted resonance. The seamless connection with the mid range is the basis of this speaker system.
  • CE plywood used for the front baffle, top and sides was specially developed for acoustic use, bonding two different boards (Camphor and Eucalyptus) of different stiffness and density.
  • The front baffle is made of 2 x 18mm CE plywood with a total thickness of 36mm for natural sounding acoustics.
  • The base board is 8 x 9mm MDF with copper feet. Each foot height is adjustable to eliminate any rattling.
  • The hand finished glossy piano enclosure features a magnetically attached front grille.
  • Unique MID Controller adjusts the most sensitive range of 1.6kHz to 6kHz with +1dB to -2dB variable level.
  • The signal through the MID Controller is separated from the tweeter to avoid deterioration of sound quality.
  • Independent network circuitry is used for each woofer to prevent mutual electronic interference. OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) wire is used for internal wiring and the connecting points are covered with a gold plated sleeve. Input terminal is machined copper with gold plating. 


Model GX250MG(DB) Dark Brown
Model GX250MG(WR) Wine Red

Type: 3-way bass reflex
1” pure magnesium ridge-dome tweeter
5.2” pure magnesium HR cone mid range
10” HR cone woofer
Frequency Range: 40Hz – 40kHz (-10dB)
S.P.L.: 90dB/W (1m)
Impedance: 4 ohms
Max. Input: 150W
Dimensions: 336(W) x 1,066(H) x 389(D)mm (including base + grille)
Weight: 56.0kgs


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GX250MG : High performance HiFi Speaker