Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

Main Features

  • The proprietary powering system “Stabilized Tube-controlled Power Circuits (ST-PC) using KT88 tubes significantly reduces residual noise to achieve S/N of 115dB.
  • E88CC and 300B tubes are used as amplifier tubes and power tubes respectively.
  • The power section consists of toroidal power transformers, heater transformers and a choke transformer made by Bando Electronics.

HP-V8 Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

Product Review

HiFi Philosophy recently reviewed the HP-V8 Vacuum Tube Headphone AmplifierRead the full review here.

HiFi Philosophy

Model HP-V8 is the high-end stand alone vacuum tube amplifier dedicatedly designed for headphones using the legendary 300B for power tubes for the first time in the industry on headphone amplifier.  The Signal to Noise ratio as good as 115dB achieved by the Fostex proprietary ST-PC technology as well as thorough noise reduction countermeasures reveals the authentic power of the tubes.

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In Detail

  •  Output transformers are custom-made by Hashimoto Electric complying with balance and unbalanced outputs.
  • The base plate made of aluminum weighing 2kg and the OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) plate with Teflon washers used for the power tube socket to minimize vibration noise.
  • High anti-vibration rubber feet isolate the chassis from the floor.
  • Pure audio grade electronic volume is used to eliminate the gang errors between L and R volumes.
  • Custom-made electrolytic and film capacitors are adopted
  • The audio grade AC Inlet is made by Furutech


Impedance    : Low 16 - 600ohms
                    : High 48 - 600ohms
Frequency Response    : 20Hz – 50kHz (typical)
Power Output     : 2000mW (@16ohms)
S/N     : 115dB
THD+N     : less than 0.5% (@32ohms, 1V RMS)
Input     : 2 x RCA (L/R), unbalanced
Output  (for headphone only)     : 1 x XLR (4-pin, stereo), balanced
                                               : 1 x stereo phone, unbalance
Mains Voltage    : AC 230V, 50Hz
Dimensions    : 430(W) x 245(H) x 416(D)mm (excl. Knob & switch)
Weight     : approx. 31kgs

Document Downloads

The following documents are available to download in Adobe Acrobat format.

    Owners Manual - English, French, German

    Declaration of Conformity

For more document downloads, check the manuals section in Technical Support

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HP-V8 : Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier