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BWF Manager

Software Utility

BWF Manager is a software utility application that enables the user to analyze a selected BWF(Broadcast Wave Format) poly format file and create individual BWF mono files for each track of the poly format file.

BWF Manager Downloads

BWF Manager for Windows 2.10 - Windows Vista

BWF Manager for Windows 2.0 - Windows XP
Notes: This is an installer type. After the installation is completed, you can find an application, owner's manual and license policy from the Program

BWF Manager for Windows 1.10 - Windows 2000

BWF Manager for Mac 2.0 (For OS X)
Notes: Includes program and PDF manual.

BWF Manager for Mac 1.02 (For OS 9)

BWF Manager user notes

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the 'Acrobat' to be taken to the Adobe site so you can download it.