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HiFi Philosophy recently reviewed the HP-V8 Vacuum Tube Headphone AmplifierRead the full review here.

HiFi Philosophy


It’s exciting and keeps you listening and not much at this price can do that, so it’s an obvious Best Buy.Read the full review here.

Hifi Critic


The Fostex TH610 has many strengths, and represents a very good headphone set that will provide hours of musical enjoyment. Firmly Recommended.Read the full review here.

Hifi Critic


...remarkable clarity and presence, with an ever so slightly mid-forward audio signature that makes it easy to work with lead vocals, guitar...Read the full review here.

Recording Magazine


I found myself engrossed in the music for hours at a time, listening fatigue never rearing its ugly head. Definitely worth a listen.Read the full review here.

Hi Fi World


German Web magazine, reviewed the Fostex TH610 Headphones and gave them a full five stars.Read the full review here.


My first exposure to Fostex speakers for the home, I really was very surprised that we hadn't heard more about them until now!Read the full review here.

6 Moons

G1003MG is most certainly a dependable, reasonably accurate workhorse, powered speaker. Highly efficient, the 6301N excels in cleanly cranking out midrange/voice-centric material: broadcast TV/radioand PA/theatrically oriented audio, etcetera.Read the full review here.

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6301N Series