Archived Product

Main Features

  • Ridge-dome shaped 3/4” pure magnesium diaphragm tweeter
  • World first 4" HR shaped pure magnesium diaphragm woofer
  • Glossy piano finished CE plywood enclosure
  • Unique MID controller to adjust the tone
  • Gold plated machined copper terminal
  • Exclusive base board included

GX100Limited HiFi Speaker System

The Fostex GX-series features a pure magnesium diaphragm tweeter and HR-shaped aluminum alloy diaphragm woofer to deliver pure audio reproduction for a supreme listening experience.

The bookshelf GX100Limited features a 4” pure magnesium woofer unit and a 4/5” pure magnesium tweeter for natural sound stage reproduction.

In Detail

  • 99.9% pure magnesium has lighter gravity and larger internal loss than other metals, which is ideal for the tweeter diaphragm. The ridge dome shape ideally disperses amplitude vibration.  
  • World first 4” HR shaped 99.9% pure magnesium diaphragm used for the woofer unit disperses unwanted resonance and maximises the original features of metal such as high rigidity and fast propagation velocity.
  • CE plywood is used for the front baffle, top and sides and was specially developed for acoustic use, bonding two different boards (Camphor and Eucalyptus) of different stiffness and density.
  • Hand finished Black piano gloss enclosure featuring magnetically attached front grille.
  • Unique MID Controller adjusts the most sensitive range of 1.6kHz to 6kHz with +1dB to -2dB variable level. The signal going through the MID Controller is seperated from the tweeter to avoid deterioration of sound quality.
  • OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) wire is used for internal wiring and the connecting points are covered with gold plated sleeve. Input terminal is machined copper with gold plating.

GX100Limited : HiFi Speaker System