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Main Features

  • 6.5" High Resolution Nearfield Studio Monitor
  • Dedicated 60W (LF) + 40W (HF) bi-amplifier
  • Extended 55Hz - 38kHz frequency response
  • Magnetically shielded drivers
  • Time-aligned front baffle design and internal HP Sound reflectors

NX-6A Powered Nearfield Monitors

At last there is a choice. Monitors which tell you how good you sound, or monitors which ‘make’ you sound good. - Listen to a pair of powered Fostex NX-6A monitors and you’ll discover a sound free of the ‘enhancements’ often found in other speakers. A natural sound, transparent and without harshness even at high sound pressure levels - and including those subtle low frequencies.

But don’t take our word for it. When choosing nearfield monitors for your studio you really ought to evaluate as many different speakers as you can before a decision is made. After all, how else are you going to realise that your sound is best handled by a pair of Fostex NX-6As?

Harmonious Technology
We could tell you about unique enclosure design which utilizes HP sound reflectors to prevent unwanted standing waves. We could also mention the 6.5" LF unit which features Hyper Radial for natural and smooth sound reproduction.
Maybe you would be impressed with the UDR (Up/Down Roll) Tangential edge to the LF unit which negates unwanted resonance and virtually eliminates hearing fatigue? Or perhaps the extended 55Hz to 38kHz frequency range would make you sign on the dotted line?

Possibly, but we think not.

No, it is only when listening and comparing them side-by-side with other monitors that you can fully appreciate the clarity and transparency of sound that a pair of Fostex NX-6As offer..

In Detail

  • Low Frequency Unit
    6.5" (160mm) with HR (Hyper Radial) diaphragm which utilises the latest diaphragm ‘Radial Papermaking Technology’ for natural and smooth sound reproduction
    UDR (Up/Down Roll) Tangential driver edge eliminates the unwanted resonance
  • Wide-range 20mm hard dome tweeter
    Employs magnesium diaphragm which eliminates metallic characteristics and features ultra-fast high frequency response
  • LF and HF units feature highly rigid cast aluminum frames minimizing unnecessary vibrations and resonances
  • Magnetically shielded drivers allow for safe placement close to a video monitor
  • Time-aligned front baffle enclosure design with the recessed HF driver for a sharply focused sound image
  • Unique HP sound reflectors prevents the generation of standing waves in the enclosure
  • Bi-amplifier
    • Dedicated 60W (LF) + 40W (HF) bi-amplifier eliminates electric interference between the drivers
    • Overall output level control
    • Dedicated tweeter level control (±3dB) cut/boost
    • LO EQ control : ±3d cut/boost around 55Hz for optimum performance in varying environments
Speakers and Monitors

NX-6A : Powered Nearfield Monitors