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Main Features

  • SPA11
    Powered PA speaker (100w rms)
  • SP11Mk2
    Passive PA speaker
  • May be mounted on stands and brackets
  • Can also be stacked
  • 2 x 10cm full range speakers

SP Speakers PA Speakers

SPA11 PA Speaker (powered)
The Powered SPA series offer a superb sound in compact, portable cabinets. Perennial favourites, SPA speakers have been manufactured for more than ten years. Each incorporates a 100 watt internal amplifier with mic and line inputs as well as a level control, and they can be daisy-chained and stacked for multiple speaker coverage. The SPA is constructed of resin-impregnated plastic for durability and superior acoustics. Fostex offers mounting and stacking accessories for the SPA Series.

SP11mkII PA Speaker (passive)
Passive version of the acclaimed SPA11 PA speaker. SP11mkII units may be mounted on stands or brackets and can also be stacked if more coverage is required. Ideal for small clubs, gigging bands and general public address systems, these speakers offer excellent value for money.

SP11U PA Speaker (passive)
The SP11U speaker is also available and features a moisture resistant cabinet for easy outdoor installation.

In Detail


  • Offers exceptional audio quality and is ideal for speech
  • Built-in 100 watt RMS amplifier
  • 2 x 10cm full range speakers
  • 2 (Mic, Line) inputs and Line (Aux) output
  • 2-position EQ switch
  • Rotary level control
  • Weight 7.6kg


  • Passive version of the SPA11 with an input level of 100W (1kHz)
  • Can be stacked or mounted on stands and brackets
  • 2 x 10cm full range speakers
  • Sensitivity 92dB/W (1m)
  • Impedance 8 ohms
  • Weighs 5.5kg with dimensions of 350(W) x 180(H) x 211(D)mm


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